Well, how did we get here?

​Turntide acquired the modified SRM technology from a group of academics at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). Piyush Desai designed the modified Switched Reluctance Motor with a high rotor pole configuration as his dissertation, The Novel Concept of Switched Reluctance Machines with Higher Number of Rotor Poles, while getting his PhD in electrical engineering at IIT. Piyush later co-founded Software Motor Company (Now Turntide) with Mark Johnston and Trevor Creary.

The switched reluctance motor is the most reliable and durable class of motor but it cannot be easily controlled. The “high rotor pole” configuration made the control challenge more complex but thanks to advances in computing and power electronics, the primary control challenge shifted to the software domain.


Turntide took a software-first approach to the electric motor and the result was the ‘LED of Motors’—the world’s first efficient, reliable, and intelligent motor—and is deploying the Smart Motor System for HVACR systems, pumping, agricultural, and other industrial applications.

Key Milestones


January 2013:

Software Motor Company (Now Turntide) founded at the dawn of IoT, with an idea to use electric motors as a novel data approach



Purchase of initial intellectual property for HRSRM (High Rotor Switched Reluctance Motor).   Motor hardware prototype done in six months but only 20% efficient.


China supplier agreement and prototype testing completed


Motor software control problem solved after three years.  The Turntide motor is now the most efficient electric motor in the world at 93% efficient (3 HP Motor) 


Ryan Morris joins Turntide full time to expand scope of mission.  Ryan leads Series A-1 Fund raise round of over $13 million. 

Turntide is winner of the NDF/SBIR Award and winner of the NREL/IN2 Program.  Successful validation of HVAC RTU 1-3 HP retrofit application with over 50% energy savings.


Turntide successfully validates refrigeration condenser retrofit (1-3 HP motor) with 30%-50% energy savings.

Turntide given technical approval for first large OEM customer 


Turntide ships first 1,000 motors, starting deployment in the real world


Turntide signs $10 million motor deployment with large national auto parts retailer.

Turntide rebrands from Software Motor Company to Turntide.  

Turntide is among the first recipients from Amazon's $2 Billion Climate Pledge Fund.

By years end, Turntide has over 5,000 motors installed worldwide.