IoT Infrastructure and Communication Options for Turntides Smart Motor System

The Turntide Supervisor serves as the IoT gateway for all Turntide devices on-site. The Turntide Supervisor communicates directly with the Turntide Cloud using a secure TLS v1.3 connection. The Supervisor establishes outbound connections with the Turntide Cloud, and does not need to expose a public IP address.


The Turntide Supervisor connects to the building's IP network wirelessly or via Ethernet. Ethernet connections are preferred for reliability. Alternatively, a Supervisor can be isolated from the building’s network by purchasing a cellular modem and data plan.

Each Turntide Motor Controller communicates with a Turntide Supervisor via wired or wireless connection. Wireless connections must be established over the same LAN. Wired connection over RS485 cable is preferred for reliability.

Software Updates

By default, Turntide automatically keeps devices up-to-date with the latest firmware. No on-site presence is required.  Device owners can opt out from automatic updates. Doing so will require manual updates, which can either be performed remotely through the Turntide Cloud dashboard, or locally using the Turntide mobile app.


A variety of sensor types can be wired into both the Turntide Supervisor and Motor Controller.  Roof top units typically include sensors for outside, mixed, supply and return air temperatures, compressor suction pressure, CO2, and humidity. Coupling these sensors with power and torque readings from the motors allows Turntide to diagnose, troubleshoot, and sometimes prevent HVAC issues remotely, eliminating the need for emergency service calls. More information on Turntide’s remote monitoring services can be found here.

Data and Data Security

Turntide captures log information from relevant system and network devices. Turntide monitors a variety of aspects related to the system and network infrastructure to ensure proper operation and to proactively identify potential issues. Where possible, Turntide also captures logs that track administrative and operator actions. Fault logging is enabled to capture errors and system issues, minimizing potential impact to the system.


Turntide restricts access to logs to authorized Software Engineering and/or Security personnel. Data is stored in the cloud, gets backed up daily, and is replicated across multiple AWS availability zones. In case of Internet connectivity loss the Turntide Supervisor will store data for up to 10 days (can be configured to 20 days) and then upload that data when connectivity is restored. Sensitive data is encrypted both at-rest and in-transit.

Turntide is often asked about who owns the data collected on motor usage and HVAC system performance. The owner of machine-generated data (MGD), which covers virtually all of the IoT, is the entity who holds title to the recorded data. In other words, the entity that owns the IoT device also owns the data produced by that device. Turntide reserves the right to use IoT data to the extent allowable by the data owner’s data sovereignty laws. Turntide may charge a fee to host and process the data.