Third Party Bench Test Results for Turntide Motors at Different Speeds and Loads

In 2019, Cadmus conducted bench testing of Turntide's Smart Motor System.  Motors were tested at 18 synchronous speeds and at seven torque levels (loads).  Metered testing was performed for Turntide's V01 and V02 motors which cover a range of 1 - 5 HP.  The raw data from this study has been provided in this article.  For Turntide motors in larger horsepower ranges, efficiencies are estimated based on a regression model which extrapolates data obtained from the Cadmus study in the lower horsepower ranges. Motor efficiency at different speeds is a key variable for calculating motor energy usage.  The full Cadmus report can be downloaded here.  

Efficiency Chart - 1.png
Efficiency Chart - 2.png
Efficiency Chart - 3.png
Efficiency Chart - 4.png