Turntide's Roof Top Unit (RTU) Fault Detection and Diagnostics Service

Turntide's value proposition to our customers extends well beyond the reliability and efficiency of our Smart Motor System.  Our ability to monitor connected motors and the end uses they serve is unique in the electric motor industry.  We are in the early days of building a portfolio of connected motors to validate and expand upon the benefits of this service offering.  Our goal is to have over 50% of our deployed motors connected to our BOS SaaS platform.  We are seeking partners to co-learn, co-create and grow this service together.

Key Benefits

Mechanical contractors deal with a large customer base that manage their buildings retroactively, an only when issues arise.  This is more costly for the customers, leads to decreased tenant satisfaction and causes unpredictable budgets and maintenance work.  Turntide has built a cloud platform that enables mechanical contractors to monitor their installations in real-time and deliver predictive rather than schedule-based maintenance.    

RTU Fault Detection 1.png

The patented switched 

reluctance motor from 

Turntide is proven to be

40-60% more efficient

Real-time alerts allow an HVAC service

technician to be 

dispatched immediately

Costly overtime pay is avoided by understanding the precise mechanical and system issue

Machine learning prescribes proactive maintenance to connected systems to prevent catastrophic failures

How it Works

Step 1: 


The existing RTU motor is replaced with the Turntide Smart Motor System.

Step 2:


HVAC sensors are installed

Step 3:


Turntide's Supervisor transmits data to the cloud

RTU Fault Detection 2.png

Key Benefits

RTU Fault Detection 3.png
Software Features

•  Dashboards provide real-time equipment status, both at the

    site-level and enterprise-wide

•  Work Order Management system integration

•  Visual summary of all monitored points for each RTU

•  Configurable alerts over email or SMS

•  Ability to silence or reset alerts

•  Multiple user access with user-based controls and permissions

Monitor RTU Conditions, Including:

•  Loose or broken belts causing loss of torque and airflow

•  Compressor damage from the system running outside of

    design conditions

•  Inefficient operation due to low airflow across heat exchangers

    and cooling coils

•  Loss of heating or cooling

Turntide IoT Platform Network Topology

Motor 1.png
Motor 1.png
Motor 1.png
Motor 1.png

Turntide Supervisor Has

30 Programmable I/O Points

Existing BMS


13 I/O 

13 I/O 

13 I/O 

13 I/O 



Turntide Cloud Based Control,

Monitoring and Analytics