Target Retrofit Applications for Turntide's Smart Motor System 

The first thing we consider when engaging with our customers is if the facilities they own and or operate contain the right kind of equipment for us to retrofit our motors into. The current application for Turntide's Smart Motor System is packaged HVAC roof top units (RTUs). RTUs with direct drive blower fan motors OR fan motors that are fractional horsepower cannot be retrofit with Turntide motors.  Turntide motors range in size from 1-20 horsepower. RTUs with cooling capacities of 5 - 40 tons are typically a good fit for our motors but keep in mind, you will need the make and model number of the RTUs to confirm with manufacturer specs drive type and motor size.  If surveying units in the field, you may also open the panels on the RTUs to confirm this information. More guidance on surveying RTUs and motors is provided in the Installer section of Turntide Academy.

Why RTUs?

Approximately 60% of all commercial heating and cooling is served by packaged HVAC roof top units.  In just the United States, Turntide estimates there are over 7.5 million RTUs that represent a retrofit opportunity for our technology.  Most of the RTUs in use today are constant volume so rarely are we competing with an existing VFD when existing equipment is surveyed in the field.  Recognizing the market potential, Turntide decided to focus its first retrofit application towards this end use.  Our motors and our sequencing to control variability are geared specifically towards this application.  


Savings Graph RTU.jpg

Turntide ties the speed setting on our motors to the different operating modes of the RTU.  The typical speed sequences we use are a 10-15% reduction in both heating modes and in cooling stage 2 mode, 50-60% reduction for cooling stage 1 run mode and a 90% reduction for ventilation mode. 


This sequencing is in line with industry competitors who are providing VFD solutions for RTUs and is based on a Better Buildings initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy called Advanced RTU Controls.  There are slight variations in the sequences used for a Turntide retrofit depending on the specific RTU in question.  The installer will be guided through the mobile commissioning app to select the proper pre-programmed sequence for the RTU they are installing a Turntide motor in. 

Sequencing for Speed