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July 7th, 2021:  

Effective today, Turntide will no longer use "discrete" horsepower labeling on our motor boxes and controller boxes.  "Discrete" horsepower ratings will also no longer be used in our SKUs.  "Discrete" horsepower ratings are ratings that fall within a given range of capabilities for a given motor.  For example, the V01 has the capacity to cover loads from 1-3 HP.  Previous to this change, we would sell a separate motor system for each load within the range (1, 1.5, 2 and 3 HP).  We would identify these discreet HP ratings on inventory by applying stickers to the boxes that did not always match with the name plate on the equipment in the box.  This created logistical challenges to our stocking partners and confusion in the field.  For these and other reasons, we have eliminated this approach.  Going forward, all motor systems will have name plates that list the high end limit of the motor systems rated capacity.  This change is also reflected in our SKUs.  A new SKU guide that reflects this change can be downloaded from our Resources page here 

June 2nd, 2021:

Facility maintenance staff and HVAC service technicians who interact with the HVAC equipment on the roof top of their buildings will need to understand the Turntide Smart Motor Systems installed inside of their equipment.  Turntide has created a course to provide these individuals with a basic understanding of the technology and how to test, troubleshoot and diagnose the performance of the system on the roof.   This course can be found on our Curriculum page here.

May 10th, 2021:  

The newest versions of our Install Guides for Turntide Retrofits within RTU applications are available for download here.  Also, our Project Planning and Deployment training course (PROJ101) received an overhaul including a new section on Bill of Material Creation.  If you have completed this course previously or are new to Turntide Academy, we encourage you to review this new version of the course.  Visit our Curriculum page to access the course.      

April 14th, 2021:  

Added motor weights to Product page and updated to indicate that V04 is pending approval.

March 30th, 2021:  

BOS User Manual added to Applications page

February 19th, 2021:  

The Applications page was created as a place to find all install and service related documents related to Turntide retrofits in Roof Top Unit applications.  

August 28th, 2020:  

Turntide Academy Website is Born